This page is meant as an overview of our current pricing. If in conflict with the signup form, the prices on the form are authoritative.

Individual Account

You would choose this account if: 

  • you just want a personal account
  • you want to collaborate with others on Kolab Now in the same generic domain
  • you want per account billing


Product CHF     EUR*     GBP*     USD*
Groupware account with 2 GB storage 8.99 8.77 6.55 9.96
+ 1 GB additional storage 0.5 0.49 0.36 0.55
+ Mobile Synchronization with ActiveSync 1 0.98 0.73 1.11
+ Lite (mail only) -4.44 -4.33 -3.23 -4.92


All prices are monthly.

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Group Manager Account

You would choose this account if

  • you want to use your own domain
  • you want to be separate from others on Kolab Now
  • you want to be able to use your own SSL certificates and branding (available soon)


Product     CHF     EUR*     GBP*     USD*
Domain 1 0.98 0.73 1.11


All prices are monthly. If you want to add actual groupware accounts to your group manager account, the above pricing for individual accounts applies. You can freely mix full groupware accounts and lite accounts within your own domain.

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* Please note that the price in currencies other than CHF is just a rough calculation based on the exchange rate on 2015-01-27.