Service Update Notice: Mobile device synchronization issue resolved

After moving services to the new domain, some customers reported that the ActiveSync (Microsoft Exchange) and WebDav services were no longer working correctly with their mobile devices. Thanks to your feedback, our support team has identified and issued a fix for the problem which affected a limited number of devices that have a flaw in their SSL (web encryption) systems.

If you have been experiencing problems with ActiveSyc or WebDav on your mobile device, please change the server address from "" to "" in the ActiveSync and WebDav account settings on your affected devices.

If your device has been working normally, no configuration changes are required.

Kolab Now's online documentation has been updated to reflect these changes along with detailed configuration information.

Technical Details

Kolab Now uses a wildcard SSL certificate that covers all of the various domains used in the service. However, some mobile devices only check the "common name" (e.g. "*") of an SSL certificate, and not the "subject alternate" names (""). This bug causes affected mobile devices to throw warnings when using "" as the server address for the ActiveSync service. By introducing the use of "" for use with ActiveSync, even mobile devices with this flaw will correctly validate the SSL certificate with the ActiveSync service.
We are continuing to work on improving Kolab Now further, including ensuring we have a comprehensive list of mobile device operating systems and versions that mistreat SSL certificates this way in order to avoid similar issues in future. As we implement further improvements to the SSL infrastructure of Kolab Now we will announce them here as well as via our social media accounts.