Web browsers come with every operating system, on every device and most people use them throughout their day. Kolab Now provides a world-class web application to access all its features from any browser.

The world's most popular webmail application

Kolab Now's web application is based on Roundcube, the world's most popular open source webmail application with over half a million installations known worldwide that serve millions upon millions of users every single day. In fact, Kolab Systems is the primary developer of Roundcube, so it works absolutely perfectly with Kolab Now.

All the features

You won't sacrifice features when using the web application as it supports all the features offered on Kolab Now. That includes email, contacts, calendaring, notes, ToDos, free/busy views, filter configuration, file management, folder sharing and much more.

Universal support

The Kolab Web Application works with all modern desktop and mobile browsers and relies only on standard HTML5 support. The choice of web browser is not dictated by the use of the Kolab Web Application nor are any browser plugins or Java runtimes required.


The Kolab Now web application has been written with security in mind, and has been audited for safety by security professionals. With its large global user base, many others have also examined it for weaknesses. Combined with support for encrypted, secure HTTP commuication, the web application is a safe and secure way to access your groupware data.

It also protects you by blocking external references to images and other resources from HTML emails until you explicitly allow them. Combined with the spam filtering and virus scanning provided by Kolab Now, you are well protected from mallicious and unwanted email.