Green energy for a better planet, being a fair employer to uphold local society, and releasing much needed technology to the global society at large.

Green Energy

All energy used in the hosting and running of Kolab Now and Kolab Systems is green energy. Due to our geographic position in Switzerland our energy mix is mostly hydroelectric, some solar, and a little bit of wind.

Fair Employer

Kolab Systems is a company that takes its responsibilities to its staff seriously. Our working conditions are extremely flexible, allowing for family life and other social activities on the side. Helping everyone reach their full potential in a flat hierarchy and working in a team that has your back are just two of the perks the team behind Kolab Now enjoys. Many of the early employees are also shareholders of the company.

Free Software / Open Source

An Open Source company to the core, Kolab Systems and its predecessors have a long history of contributing to essential technologies to the benefit of all of society. The Kolab projects for the German Office for IT Security (BSI) were among the first governmentally supported Free Software projects, contributing to several essential technologies, such as GnuPG. Kolab Systems enables development of Roundcube, the world's most popular Open Source web mailer running more than half a million installations to date, including several other privacy oriented email services. We're an active part of providing trustworthy, scalable and user friendly technology to address some of the most important needs of society. But unlike many other services, Kolab Now is not just a user of all these technologies. It is paying the developers, allowing them to make a living from doing what they love to do: building more Free Software for all of humankind to benefit.

No Bullshit

In times of insecurity, snake oil merchants travel the intertubes. Whether they promise "end to end encryption" (but control the software that controls your key), claim to be "NSA proof" (but accept US venture capital) or make other outlandish promises: if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Kolab Now has built up the entire chain, from choosing a Swiss data centre without foreign capital, ensuring physical control of the hardware, which it owns, to building up a software stack without proprietary components. Using advanced network defence techniques in combination with Kolab Enterprise, a solution that we have developed ourselves, Kolab Now provides the best security possible with feature rich collaboration on any platform. And we're working hard to increase what is possible both in terms of security and features.

Like all providers we are subject to a legal framework. Only we make this fact fully transparent and provide you with the necessary information to make up your own mind. Also, the Swiss legal framework allows us to practice full disclosure which is equally reflected in our privacy policy.