Fully Open Source and driven by Open Standards, Kolab Now is unique as the only service that provides its complete software stack through a vibrant Open Source Community.

Operational Principle #1: You.

Kolab Now is a service with several unique properties, including its operational principles which have a strong focus on data security and legislation. Our exclusive use of Open Source software means there is no lock-in, while Open Standards let you choose how to access your data on Kolab Now. We purposefully selected the legal jurisdiction of Switzerland for Kolab Now as it provides strong, tested legislation which respects and protects personal privacy and data with transparent legal process. Even the technical architecture of Kolab Now reflects these same priorities: everything from the data center to its software security systems have been carefully engineered and are continuously monitored to ensure the safety and security of your data. You are our first concern.

Adaptive Cloud Strategy

Kolab Groupware is available in three forms: Kolab Now, Kolab Enterprise and Kolab Community. Each of these options can serve your communication and collaboration needs, giving you the freedom to choose which is best for you.

You can even start out on Kolab Now today, and then later decide to migrate to a hybrid cloud strategy with on-premise hosting using Kolab Enterprise. Perhaps you will decide to switch to another public cloud provider running the ASP/ISP edition of Kolab Enterprise, and then in the following year switch back to Kolab Now because the security of Swiss law is becoming essential to your customers. Ultimately, you choose where your data is and who is providing your service.

With Kolab, you can do all this with professional support, without disrupting operations, and without having to re-train staff or re-create operational proceduresKolab Systems is happy to assist you in your journey as it unfolds.

Investment Security

Kolab is unique in the level of investment security it provides. Since it is a fully Open Source solution, you are not required to depend on Kolab Systems (or any other single vendor) to run it. You are free to become a part of the Kolab Community, and use the community version of the software, providing your own quality assurance, security updates and support guarantees. You are explicitly allowed to help yourself. Or allow our professional, dedicated team of experts to help you. It is a unique level of choice that only fully Open Source Solutions can provide.

The true hallmark for any such solution is its community, and we encourage you to check ours out. The Kolab Community participates in and influences the development processes of Kolab, including fundamental design decisions. This open, participatory community process has helped make Kolab the mature, reliable and feature rich software it is today.


Kolab Now is easy, convenient, and quickly available. But for some Kolab users it is only where their journey begins. Some organisations outgrow Kolab Now, either because their organisational requirements change, or because they want custom integration into their work flows and processes.

Business isn't static, and the world changes fast. Kolab is the choice of people who understand that Information Technology must be able to keep up with that constant process of growth and adaptation.


Adaptation is the basis of innovation, on all levels. Kolab is the ideal, secure, and reliable platform on which to base your innovation to make sure you outperform and outgrow your competition.