Kolab Now's file cloud lets you save and attach files to emails, events, tasks and notes. They may even be accessed directly from your computer's file manager.



Files in the Kolab Now cloud are accessible from all your devices. The web application includes a built-in file manager, and you can access your Kolab Now files using the open WebDAV standard from just about any computer or device you have.

Saving attachments from emails to the cloud lets you access them, an even attach them to other messages, without having to first download them locally. This makes handling files while on the go quick and easy.


You can share1 folders with others with fine-grained access control. Once shared, the folder and its contents show up immediately in the other users' file listings. Files that are sent by email between Kolab Now users remain in the file cloud preventing unnecessary copying and significantly increasing performance of sending large files to multiple recipients.

1Sharing features work only between email addresses in the same domain name (the part after the '@' symbol). Accounts using custom domain names are therefore only able to share with other emails also using that same custom domain name.