Individual Account

From CHF 4.41 per month
Choose Individual Account

Everything you need to get started or try Kolab Now, including:

  • Perfect for anyone wanting to move to Kolab Now
  • Suite of online apps: Secure email, calendar, address book, files and more
  • Access for anywhere: Sync all your devices to your Kolab Now account
  • Secure hosting: Managed right here on our own servers in Switzerland
  • Start protecting your data today, no ads, no crawling, no compromise
  • An ideal replacement for services like Gmail, Office 365, etc…

Group Account

From CHF 5.38 per month
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All the features of the Individual Account, with the following extras:

  • Perfect for anyone wanting to move a group or small business to Kolab Now
  • Recommended to support users from 1 to 100
  • Use your own personal domains with Kolab Now
  • Manage and add users through our online admin area
  • Flexible pricing based on user count


What are your terms of service?

Can I upgrade an individual account to a group account?

How much storage comes with my account?