Welcome to the Kolab Now Beta programme

Are you a Kolab Now customer? Then you have the opportunity to access our Kolab Beta programme right now! 

Features in the Kolab Now Beta programme include software, applications, and services that are still in testing but which we want to make available to everyone who wishes to experience the newest and most exciting features to hit Kolab Now ... even before they are rolled out to the general customer base.

This beta programme allows our hard-working technical team to get feedback on these improvements from you, our actual users, which helps us fix issues before the software becomes the default for everyone on Kolab Now.

By it's very nature, the beta programme is not as stable as Kolab Now's mainline service. Kolab Now Beta may yield errors and contain inaccuracies, and at times may not even function.

Still excited and want to get backstage access to our engineering rockstars? All we ask is that you follow the rules of engagement...


The Rules of Kolab Now Beta:

1st rule of Kolab Now Beta - Customer support does not apply

Kolab Beta is a never-ending sneak preview of what we want Kolab Now to look like tomorrow. We are excited to share it with you, and you have the privilege to participate with us in proving and improving Kolab Now technology. All we ask is that you spare our support team and do not call in to them if problem arise.

2nd rule of Kolab Now Beta - Buckle up and be ready for some turbulence

We can not explain every single service outage, bug, or overall planning and timelines to everyone individually.  So if you want to be kept up to date,  bookmark this page, follow @kolabops on Twitter, and strap in for the wild ride ahead! We will keep everyone informed of what we're doing there.

3rd rule of Kolab Now Beta - Give us feedback, but in the right place

When you have feedback or ideas from using Kolab Beta: Awesome! That's what we want, and we're excited about hearing from you. We have set up an area specifically for Kolab Now Beta on the Kolab Hub web forum. If you send your feedback elsewhere (e.g. to the customer support line), it will not reach our beta team, and that would be a shame.

Feature Status and Roadmap

What's coming to Kolab Now Beta right now? Look at the list below! We keep it up to date with what we're trialing on Kolab Now Beta right now for your excitement and enjoyment. We'll keep adding to this roadmap as more things become available and either leave beta - making them available for everyone by default - or are being scheduled for beta. So check back regularly!


Technology Description Status

The 3rd

The web client now supports a three-column view, ideal for widescreens preserving real-estate.


How to use? Log in to https://beta.kolabnow.com/apps/ with your regular Kolab Now account

Syncroton ActiveSync update to preserve folder structure on Outlook 2013 & other devices that support it.


How to use? Patience, Anakin. We'll let you know once this has been prepared as part of the Kolab Now Beta.

GUAM IMAP filter proxy: no more groupware folders in your mail client


How to use? Use beta.kolabnow.com instead of imap.kolabnow.com as the address for the IMAP server.