Safeguard your data & enjoy the world’s best privacy legislation that puts you first.

Email, calendars and more for your business or personal usage, owned and operated in Switzerland

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Your data is your data:
… never used for advertising purposes.
… never transmitted to third parties.
… never scanned for data mining purposes.
Designed for security, from the ground up, and entirely Free and Open Source Software.
End-to-end encryption available.
No back doors.
Fully Open Source Software, 100% guaranteed.
Open Standards and formats used for all storage and communication.
Synchronize your data with clients of your choice.


E-Mail: Handle your e-mail quickly and efficiently from where ever you are

  • Share Mail folders with other Kolab Now users (under same domain)
  • Email encryption
  • Powerful text search and tagging
  • Everywhere multi-platform, from a web browser, an app on your laptop or a mobile device
  • Automation: Response templates, filtering in pre defined folders


Easy to use addressbook, accessible from all your devices

  • Global Addressbooks
  • Personal distribution/mailing lists
  • Individual address books or contacts can be imported easily
  • Synchronize your addressbooks across your devices via CardDAV or ActiveSync


Calendar: Individual and shared calendars in a single, streamlined agenda

  • Sharing of calendars with other Kolab Now users
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Color coding and quick view
  • Synchronize your calendar across your devices via CalDAV or ActiveSync


Documents: Save and Share files with the integrated file cloud and work on documents together
with our integrated collaborative Editing solution Collabora.

  • Access your files from all devices via WebDAV
  • Share your files with others
  • Create documents online
  • Work collaboratively on documents